I’d describe myself as a day talker. Because I am a loner, I quite like the quiet during the evenings and on weekends.  During a work day however, I am used to having people around me so I can natter away to my heart’s content.  The aim of this blog, I think, is to get that natter part of the day in and hopefully have someone talk back!

I have lived in most places in South Africa but currently reside in Cape Town.  I turn 42 in August and I am very close to my family.  I enjoy spending time with close friends, drinking coffee, music, walking the dog on the beach, road trips and trying new things.

My favourite item of clothing is my jeans and my favourite piece of jewellery is the necklace my cousin gave me 8 years ago for Christmas (I wear it everyday).  My favourite song is currently: When I Get My Hands On You (an unpublished Bob Dylan song covered by Mumford in The New Basement Tapes)

One day when I grow up I hope to be half as successful as my puppy Myles.  He has the ultimate life.  Play all day and sleep all night.

Enjoy the blog!