There is something amazing about being at home.  Chai tea, music, washing, writing. I love wi-fi and wooden floors.  I like old stone buildings and I like trees.  But lately I have been thinking that I need to add a little something more to it.  Something like a pet.  Something that could work here.

Our caretaker has 2 bunnies, there are two dogs, plenty of birds too.  I had been thinking about a tortoise for a few days.  I thought about a bunny for a few more days.  I also thought maybe a cute bird that can talk (not an African grey….no!) My neighbor has a very elegant, yellow, gorgeous creature that lives with her.  She can say one or two words.  So cute.

But then I remember my “attempt plant growing” phase.  That was costly, money for myself but life for a plant!  I couldn’t even keep a desert rose alive.  But I loved every minute of me pretending to have green fingers.  I just loved trying and the beautiful smells of all those “doomed to die” herbs.

Then I remember my “attempt and DIY” phase.  That turned out to be a very funny and terribly painful phase.  I remember having my 10 year old niece pop over and build the DIY kit island for me because I was stumped!  She did such a beautiful job.  I was so proud of her.  Not so proud of myself though, having said that, not even my cousin could hit a nail in those walls!  I broke a Hilti….

And then I circle back to pets and think…haai shame, no I can’t do that to them.  So no pets for me just yet I think.  Maybe I should think about having a puzzle night instead.