We recently had a death in our family.  My mom’s aunt, my oldest relative.  She was 93 and she died quietly in her sleep.  She looked angelic!  I flew down to Port Elizabeth for the ceremony and I met up with my family there.img_1641
There is always something very special about being trapped in a church with incense wiping out your ancestry on a Saturday afternoon.  Have to love the traditionals.  The church was magnificent and I just loved the stain glass windows.  True to tradition was the organ in all of its glory, and the hard benches that you had to stay comfortable on.img_1634
It was beautiful and it was amazing to honor the life of someone so special.  She outlived most people (bar those attending).  Her husband, her siblings and many, many friends.  She nursed people in her home until they passed.  She was a saint!  Dressed a lot less like the ones in the flowing white robes and more like the way mother Teresa would have dressed had she not been a nun.  On the other hand….not-another-poppie-7

I got to sleep in a room with my sister (bearing in mind we were permanently separated in high school due to all of the fights and arguments!).  She snores now…  Admittedly I have to agree with her, she is only a pair of high heels away from being a poppie (her words, not mine).  She puts make up on, she irons her hair and she has all these potions and lotions.  Very different to how I remember it being at school!img_1626
As my family and I parted ways at the airport on the Sunday morning, I noticed my dad smiling.  He said he was smiling because he had all these “chicks” with him in the car. Now all of these “chicks” were telling him how to drive, which I duly pointed out.  So he buckled and confessed that it was more of a grimace because he now has to travel back to Mossel Bay with all of them!  He looked more like a baby that had a wind… My dad is really funny.  You just have to understand his humor.images

That is my favorite part about funerals.  Not the music or the food.  But the togetherness and the honor.  The family.img_1620