Teaching Molly to swim has had its perks. I got to splash around in the pool during summer for one and she loves to play in rock pools now for another! She has become far more confident and even tries to hop into the bath while I’m shaving 😂.IMG_1504.JPG

The only drawback I would have to say would be that she is completely unaware of the dangers of hopping into water unsupervised! Like on Friday… Due to the severe drought that we are experiencing in the Western Cape, most people have let their pools sort of stagnate and have done no maintenance. So when I let her out to do her business and chase the guinea fowl, I heard a wee splash and my body iced over.IMG_1505.JPG

Little Miss Molly had decided to go for a dip. I ran out and as I was unzipping my shoe, thinking “oh no I’m never going to get this smell off of me,” I started calling her name. She seemed to swim toward my voice so sanity prevailed and I ran towards the step and called her there. She managed to get herself out without me needing to jump in. Thank goodness. IMG_1506.JPG

Is it just me or is she looking rather pleased with herself?! That wagging tail and those bright eyes were not reflecting the sheer ice cold panic that I was feeling inside. My colleague and I managed to wash her down and put her in front of the heater to warm up. Silly dog. Blissfully unaware of the fact that I would be sacked if anything bad had happened to her!IMG_1511


When she got home she had to shower for the first time ever. She actually enjoyed that part most of all and it seems that this experience has made her even more fond of water. Possibly because she gets a lot of attention when she is around it and the louder the splash, the more yummy chicken she gets as a spoil!!

Molly gives the pool at work a 5 paw rating 😳😩!