I had this rule that I lived by.  You can show me exactly 10 pictures of your pet or child.  Only 10.  Ever.  During my entire lifespan.  So pick your pictures carefully.  It worked well for me.  I didn’t have to see every burp, vomit, poo or sleeping technique, multiple times.

And then I met Molly.  I am just sitting here shaking my head and smiling.  I mean look at this for goodness sake!!

…and I can do it with jazz hands!

This weekend we went on another little family adventure.  We went to Molly Bay!

Name change petition has been submitted…


I think Molly is definitely an adventurer at heart.  She just loves to travel now, even on the back seat.  (Fur blankie under butt and aircon all the way.)IMG_1263The thing though that amazed me most was how the little trail dog in her came out and it was incredible to see.  She even knows how to catch things mid-air now…sort of.  Depending on the thing (food = guaranteed catch; ball = not so much). Even the grandparents took her out for a spin and she got plenty of gifts too!

But don’t worry, she still got in plenty of R&R.

I think Molly definitely gives the WaltonPretoriusWalker clan a 5 paw rating.  The bacon was more than up to standard, the gravy was perfect, the lamb bone divine, and the cheesecake…

Thank you Molly Bay family for a wonderful weekend.

Love Chez