Today is the day!

A good deed never goes unpunished??

Inside, I feel like my stomach is a washing machine, grinding away at a heavy load. My head is pounding and I feel like throwing up. Outside, I look the same as always. Except for the eyes. Today they have lost their sparkle and shine.

Last week, when we foiled an attempt at a break in over the road, I asked our helper if the guy I had cornered was in fact the man that he saw running into the yard. Our helper ducked his head and averted his eyes immediately. I remember a thought running through my head at that time …. I thought, “oh boy, I don’t know why this is wrong but it just feels like a bad thing”

Today our helper came around to tell me that he got beaten up that evening because the guys blamed him for pimping them out. He said that they knew it was him because I had asked him that question. They heard me. 4 guys beat 1 man up. oscar-wilde

There is a very cruel saying doing the circuit these days. No good deed goes unpunished. Unfortunately it seems that this may be true. I wonder when I will stop doing good deeds so that I, and those I care about, don’t get punished anymore. I remember the story in the bible where Jesus said to Peter that he would deny Him 3 times before the rooster crowed. I think I would have denied Him too, if it mean’t that I would not be crucified with Him.

I think Jesus must know how I feel today, I think Peter does too. I don’t know if I could do what Jesus did. Die for doing the right thing, for people who hated Him.

I feel quite emotional knowing that I am to blame for someone else being beaten up. I know we both did the right thing. I suppose that sometimes you get punished even if you are doing the right thing. I wonder if I would do the right thing next time if I was the one that got beaten up this time? I doubt it. I think that is what makes Jesus so special.

Love Chez


My inner heroine

It has been established that Little Miss Molly is not the ideal candidate to have around in a criminal situation. Despite her being a big black dog in South Africa. Today, whilst in hot pursuit of a “skelm” who was trying to break into the complex across the road from my office, she bounded alongside me simply so she could stop and smell all the bushes along the way, contemplate jumping in the pool of the townhouse broken in to and then proceed to jump into the security vehicle and refuse to move because she wanted to go for a drive right at that particular moment.

At no point did she run the “skelm” down and nip his ankles, at no point did she sniff him out of the bush or drag him into the long arms of the law and at no point did she growl, bark or raise her fur in ferocious attack mode. It really was no use asking her to come along to help me catch the guy because the only thing he would have been in danger of was being licked and cuddled.

I realised some things about myself though during this fun morning cardio exercise…

  • I am not as fit as I look
  • I didn’t feel the pain in my feet at all when I was after the guy (I fell OUT of my flip flops whilst walking Little Miss Molly on Saturday morning, scraping off the skin on my feet and banging a hole in my jeans and knee at the same time)
  • I react first and think later – fortunately my boss called the various security people because that was the last thing on my mind – fortunately no one had a weapon either….
  • I enjoyed the thrill of the chase

Maybe all this CSI stuff is perpetuating the belief that inside me is a brave heroine waiting to save the day. All I need is a cape!  Speaking of my inner heroine….images

About a month ago I started Herbalife in order to improve the quality of my health. It is one of the changes I have recently made in order to live a better life. Eating correctly, moving my old body again and trying to make all round healthy choices. I have also signed up and started Financial Freedom University with Ann Wilson. I saved for 3 years to do this! I have weened myself off of the anti-depressants too! Last year was a terribly traumatic year for me and the doctor thankfully gave me something to help me cope. That chapter has now finally come to an end. I have focused on healing this body of mine through living with less, cutting out the stress and by making healthy choices. It is amazing what you can achieve when you consciously start trying to improve your quality of life. It is incredible to see what happens when you stop putting everyone else first and trying to please them by always being “nice”, even to your own detriment. It is good to take care of myself first.An Inner Language

So now, when I see or hear of someone trying to do someone else in, I do not even hesitate. I pursue them in the hope that I can chase them away and save the innocent person from being fleeced. Quite literally I suppose today. I know how hard you have to work in order to own a property. I know the sacrifice it takes to furnish that place and keep it well maintained. I understand the pay offs when treating yourself with something nice. I also know what it is like to have someone waltz in and just take whatever they want from you without permission. That feeling of violation is the worst!

I recently had this in my own life. A “friend” who was happy to take and take and take until I said “enough”.  Then she turned around and got very nasty and personal and left without facing me or settling her debt. I cried a lot because it hurts to have someone betray you. But now, I feel so relieved that she is gone and cannot take from me anymore. Putting boundaries in place when you are a giving person is hard and more often than not you will lose people, and when you do they will try to destroy you as they go.  Even in work situations. Even in family situations. We all have our stories. Photo_Feb_05_6_22_46_PM_1024x1024

My inner heroine is smiling because I can see how much stronger and braver I have become in the last 12 months. Believe me, I have been tested in ALL areas. There is a really weird satisfaction that you begin to feel after a while. When standing up for yourself and your beliefs becomes a more “normal” thing. I am very happy within myself and I feel that by me being 100% myself, I will attract like minded people. Even if losing some others along the way is the price I have to pay.

So…in conclusion

  • I might not be as fit as I should be but I am moving again
  • I didn’t feel the pain of the pursuit because my focus was on the end result and to me this is a huge step in the right direction. I have a vision and a conviction
  • I react first and think later and I embrace this about me, instinctively and subconsciously I am who I am
  • I enjoy the thrill of the chase to live a better quality life

Love Chez

International Dog Day


Today is international dog day and to celebrate, there is an exciting project running in Cape Town called the Woof Project.  Pop up stores (currently there is one at the V&A Waterfront) are scheduled to go up around the city so that you can go down and play with up to 20 puppies at a time, during your lunch break.  All of these puppies are rescue animals and are up for adoption.  Wow!

Soon they will be launching their Mother Ship at @Frits and you can go down between 12:30 and 14:00, Monday to Friday, to get your puppy fix for the day.  I mean what a way to de-stress. Better than a pedi any day if you ask

I don’t work in town anymore but I do have my own little fluffy bum to keep me company.  Check her out in the slideshow below! Molly is not yet totally convinced that she wants to come to work with me everyday but we are taking it one step at a time 🙂 (It clearly has nothing to do with the early morning starts lol)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Love Chez

Chalk paint addiction

Oh my goodness there is nothing quite like getting your hair and skin full of spray paint when you are trying to create something fun out of something a bit weathered and dull. Rad dad has to move this weekend and in the build up to it, we have managed to sell, donate and transform quite a bit.  The place he will be moving to is much more his style; smaller, warmer and way more chilled.  Lots of trees and beautiful views. Molly has yet to see the place but I have a feeling she will not be unhappy with the new location.

This old wicker chair has been looking sad and lonely outside for a while now and nobody seems to ever sit on it.  Molly actually ate up the cushion one day out of boredom.  Perhaps it looked like a sad toy to her that needed some excitement in its life!  So… we decided to give it a new lease on life.  I wanted to go gray and Rad Dad wanted to go luminous orange.  We settled on turquoise. Inspired by all this chalk paint going on and a Martha Stewart YouTube video, this is how it all turned out:

Now all we are waiting for is the material to arrive so that I can make the cushions and ta-da we have a new addition to the seating mix! There is this amazing online store, physically located in Mossel Bay surprisingly, that supplies the most wonderful fabrics! . Check it out!!Capture.PNG

Oh and on that note….Rad Did told me that I can’t spray EVERYTHING the same colour….sad face.  It is totally addictive!

Love Chez


Cheat day

Sunday is cheat day in our world. Molly was diagnosed a few weeks back with being fat. Yes, she weighed 33kg’s which was causing her to struggle on her hind legs. So we started a rather rigorous diet of dog pellets, joint supplements and exercise. To be honest she isn’t the problem, it is me. I just can’t resist feeding that face! So the diet has been particularly hard on me.

We decided that everyone needs a cheat day because I’ve seen with my mom that a diet will never work if you deprive yourself. So we thought that Sunday was as good a day as any.  It is the day that we can go for a stroll on the beach and pop into the local for coffee and bacon. Today though I’m feeling too lazy to go out for breakfast, so we decided to bake. 

Now despite the blueberry flapjacks with cream for breakfast, Little Miss Molly still wants to go for her Sunday trip to the beach. She loves seeing her friends and pretending to know what to do with a tennis ball. She loves to pee a million times and drop her bombs at large. She loves sniffing every little thing. She loves to growl at any dog who wants to cuddle up to me too. But most of all she loves to jump in and out of the car without her leash. I think she is showing off to her friends, making out like she is a trail dog and doesn’t need to be restrained because she is too cool. It’s the only place in town where I need to act cool so that I don’t embarrass her in front of her friends.

This dog, I suspect she has me wrapped around her little paw!

Happy Sunday folks. Be grateful for the little things!



Molly in the dog box!

It happened. I got cross with Molly. I mean, it was bound to happen at some point but I had no idea she could be a possible human killer. About 13 years ago I had terrible tick bite fever. The tick bit me on my face actually and I eventually had to have the stone removed. It was awful! I don’t remember much about that week of hell except the severe cramps, being ice cold in September, then being on fire I was so hot. I remember being allergic to the antibiotics and being threatened with hospitalisation from my doctor. I remember screaming out to my mom in the middle of the night to say good bye (in reality it was barely a whisper). I closed my eyes that night and thought it was over.

Then I woke up the next day and I was devastated to be alive and to go through it all again. That was the turning point of my recovery fortunately but I never ever want to go through that again.

This Thursday evening I felt like something was staring at me. I put the light on and there was this giant reddish brown tick staring at me in the bed. I could not believe it. I ran to the kitchen to grab the fire lighter and I burned that sucker until I could smell it! Then I looked over to Molly. 

Sleeping blissfully away, not a care in the world. She had her pill in the week so all the ticks didn’t enjoy her blood anymore. Now they are were after mine. I slept rather fitfully that night and woke up with bite marks everywhere. (As it turns out they are mosquito bites but I didn’t know that at the time). 

It was the first time I threatened her with a new family and new home if she made me sick. I told her that if I die I will take her down with me. 

She licked me. 

So now as I stare at the welts on my skin in the bathroom mirror, I’m happy to report that I’m not dying, I’m not going to relocate Molly and I’m not going to take her down. I hope meatballs for breakfast will buy her forgiveness…



Anything-that-floats gravy…

I’m not the world’s greatest cook but I do enjoy throwing things together every now and then when I feel inspired. This week I bought some organic veggies and herbs from a Hout Bay local and I decided to try my hand at making a delicious meal.

I made mash with the potatoes (delicious) and I made meatballs with rosemary (delicious) for myself and Molly! We decided to make an ‘anything-that-floats’ gravy from rad dad’s fridge. I found garlic that expired months ago, chilies from a take out that we didn’t finish (possibly about 3 month’s old), some red pepper sauce that expired in 2016, some old beef stock cubes and tomato paste. Oh and some Dijon mustard that already had floaty bits inside. I think it was the organic onions that brought that gravy together! The meal was magical! I even have leftovers for lunch today.

While I was drinking the leftover wine from last weekend (waste not want not), I thought to myself…. wouldn’t it be amazing if two celebrity chefs could compete against each other in a cook off for us. They would have to create a meal out of anything that Bear Grylls found on one of his expeditions! I think the Australian Masterchef judges should judge the winning dish, and Bear can start a cookbook with all of his berries and snakes and stuff… Well it was just a thought. I doubt I would eat it but you never quite know about other people. The ‘anything-that-floats’ gravy was more than enough adventure for me thank you!



Something worth finding is something worth keeping.

Smart move Patricia, smart move! Literally 1 day after the failed No Confidence vote in our President, she goes and gives 10 “brand-new-home” keys to 10 well deserving families.  Now that is what governing with brains looks like.

The other really moving story that I came across today was the following: (Now isn’t this worth finding? For all of us?) 

Just like my mom did when my dad was sick.

I guess something worth finding is something worth keeping.



Pets vs puzzles


There is something amazing about being at home.  Chai tea, music, washing, writing. I love wi-fi and wooden floors.  I like old stone buildings and I like trees.  But lately I have been thinking that I need to add a little something more to it.  Something like a pet.  Something that could work here.

Our caretaker has 2 bunnies, there are two dogs, plenty of birds too.  I had been thinking about a tortoise for a few days.  I thought about a bunny for a few more days.  I also thought maybe a cute bird that can talk (not an African grey….no!) My neighbor has a very elegant, yellow, gorgeous creature that lives with her.  She can say one or two words.  So cute.

But then I remember my “attempt plant growing” phase.  That was costly, money for myself but life for a plant!  I couldn’t even keep a desert rose alive.  But I loved every minute of me pretending to have green fingers.  I just loved trying and the beautiful smells of all those “doomed to die” herbs.

Then I remember my “attempt and DIY” phase.  That turned out to be a very funny and terribly painful phase.  I remember having my 10 year old niece pop over and build the DIY kit island for me because I was stumped!  She did such a beautiful job.  I was so proud of her.  Not so proud of myself though, having said that, not even my cousin could hit a nail in those walls!  I broke a Hilti….

And then I circle back to pets and think…haai shame, no I can’t do that to them.  So no pets for me just yet I think.  Maybe I should think about having a puzzle night instead.



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