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How to know if you have raised a brat

The sure signs that you have raised a brat are numerous. Here are a few examples in the last two days:

  • Your fur kid gets given an ice cold bone from the freezer from your boss, on a sweltering hot day, and proceeds to eat it like a lady over the next few hours.
  • Your fur kid sleeps on her back with dirty feet up in the air, taking up the majority of the bed space, right in front of the fan.IMG_5484
  • Your fur kid selects her “outfit” for the new day and goes with the hot pink one.IMG_5525
  • Your fur kid has the groomers come to her.IMG_4510
  • Your fur kid only runs on the beach if you run alongside her.IMG_4486.JPG

And you know what? I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Love Chez


The Traffic Circle

I am sad to say that it takes me longer to get to work these days since I moved closer to my place of employ. I place the full blame of this on the broad shoulders of “THE TRAFFIC CIRCLE.”

There is only one road that leads out of our estate and into town. That road meets all other roads to freedom by means of a traffic circle. A large one. To the left is an informal settlement. Straight ahead is the Police Station and Private International School. To the right is the desired direction of work.

On either sides of the circle, on the entry way into these roads, are pedestrian crossings. Seriously. Like 10 meters into the road…unnamed

Now it is widely known and understood that I have no clue how to navigate a traffic circle, but what I have realised is that no one else in this town does either. Everyone coming from the informal side of things tends to travel in groups, 3 cars at a time. Everyone coming from the posh side tend to skip the rules and bully their big cars into the mix. Everyone coming from the desired side, well they just generally panic and freeze mid entry because they are being driven down by people who specifically aim for them. From my point of entry, I just sit and watch with my jaw open and hoping that no one else jumps in front of my slightly moving vehicle. That was the good news part of the story.hout-bay

The bad news? Pedestrian crossings. Small children just running because, by law, cars have to stop at a pedestrian crossing…(except in this town) and adults who just “kind of” aim for where they would like to be and “kind of” walk to get there. It is pure chaos. You would think that with the police station being right there, that there would be some sort of order. You would think that with the private school being there, that there would be scholar patrols on duty. You would imagine that with it being 2017 no one would need to mention these things. But there you have it, none of these things happen and it needs to be mentioned.

I wrote to Santa, I asked him to bring traffic lights to Hout Bay. 98cfe0a5f9ad8594811dd1b8ab5830f7.jpg

Love Chez

Twinkle Tush

So Miss Molly and I had a really interesting discussion this morning about the latest craze among cat owners. It is a piece of bling to cover your cat’s rear exit and it is taking the cat world by storm (apparently)! (This pic is not photo shopped, except for the exclamation marks obviously, and has been taken of the website Twinkle Tush)Back-500-exclamation

Over our usual Saturday bacon fest, we checked out her little AH (ass hole) and found that the placement of bling in that area would have the following credible side effects in her K9 world:

  • Possible suitors would not be able to sniff her bum and that would be a major faux pas in the “common decency” of dog greeting rituals on the beach. Thus leaving her suitor-less and on the shelf indefinitely, never leaving home, ever…
  • Her current butt licking to normal living ratio would drastically increase to an irritating level for me which in turn would cause her and I to have a ripple in our otherwise flawless coexistence.
  • I refuse to clean that thing.
  • How the hell would she pooh?
  • She already behaves in a superior manner so an additional item up her AH would not be good for her social standing.
  • Whilst distinguished cats may agree on this practice, our Little Miss Molly has thankfully decided that she would rather be a dog than a cat (human would be first prize). She instead has demanded a buff with bling for Christmas to match the growing trend in this feline world and thereby starting a new trend among the K9’s in this new country dwelling we call home.

I must admit, even I as a human would prefer not to have a “bling thing” where the sun don’t shine.

And if you really still don’t believe me….

Love Chez

Happy birthday Rad Dad

Rad Dad (I ate 3 of those cupcakes by the way…)

Today is Rad Dad’s birthday! To celebrate, he is running across a desert in Peru. Today’s leg is a brutal 42km run with some pretty big sand dunes. Little Miss Molly and I are celebrating by watching him online, or should I say, I am. Molly on the other hand has been banished outside for vomiting on the carpet at work after eating dog poop… I have been wondering about the definition of mad… Both of them qualify for different reasons!

Rad Dad in the black kit on the left hand side of this pic – photo taken off the MDS website

Life has been very different for me since Rad Dad’s arrival. My once quiet and peaceful life has been transformed into a whirlwind. It is almost impossible for me to imagine what life was like before he came onto the scene. Wait, oh I remember now, I had clean carpets back then! But I love my whirlwind life now and I wouldn’t exchange it for a peaceful existence again ever.

The guilty hound

Sometimes you meet someone along your life journey that just turns your world upside down and inside out for all of the right reasons. Him, his dog and all of his crazy came along to turn my life into something meaningful again. I love my little family. Vomit and all. Happy birthday Rad Dad, we just love you to bits and we miss you every day.


Love Chez

Our new mountain view

Miss Molly and I moved to the country today. We left the city lights behind to be closer to my work. There is a majestic view of a mountain from my back gate. Tonight, as I sat on my porch drinking my cup of tea and watching the sun go down, I was gazing up at that mountain. The rain gently falling and the breeze a little chilly. I looked at that mountain for ages and all the while I thought about Rad Dad. What an amazing man he is. So capable. He loves running up and down these mountains. He is my mountain man.

I thought about how strong and focussed he is. How living his passion is a dream come true. He isn’t demanding or unreasonable, but he is tough and dedicated, and I admire him for being able to conquer his mountains. I think that I will stare at that mountain every day, because I miss him. Somehow it makes me feel close to him and it helps me understand his dream a little more.

Miss Molly and I can’t wait for Rad Dad to come back in December. He promised to take The Mole for bacon at the local café too. I bet that is at the forefront of her dreamy mind. But in the meantime, her and I will keep each other safe and warm here in our new little home while we wait. A Nespresso in hand and a curry in the slow cooker!

Come back to us soon Rad Dad. Your pom-pom girls miss you…

Love Chez

Road Trip

Rad Dad had to relocate to Hilton in Natal this weekend because he started his new job today. True to form, we decided to road trip down and spend the last couple of days alone before all the change took over.

We love road trips, mostly because you get to use words like “topography”, “escarpment” and “Wimpy breakfast.” You also get to listen to some really good music and marvel at the number of red cars in the Free State. (A rising trend?) You get to slide madly across a dirt road and have your life flash before your eyes, knowing that the last thing you said before envisioned death was “Oh shit.” (Note, a Ford Ranger doesn’t roll….). You get to stop at weird and wonderful farm stalls to buy fresh cherries and see fake people drinking coffee! No literally!

The best part about having no real plan is that you land up going down some unforgettable roads and staying in some amazing places. Like the Wyndford Holiday Farm. We stayed here as a family in August 1987, can you believe it! 30 years on and Rad Dad and I got to add to those fond memories with some of our own. I just love that place. It is situated near the Lesotho border in Fouriesburg. All the memories of my childhood visit came flooding back. It was a happy holiday and I remember everything like it was yesterday. Playing tennis, horse riding and hiking. Everything was just so special. When we left on Sunday morning, we got to drive through the Golden Gate National Park which was absolutely beautiful and also a trip down memory lane for Rad Dad who had a school trip to that area when he was a boy. I just love doing things off the cuff and it pays off every time. It was a real adventure!

When we made it to Hilton, we decided to offer our packed lunch to someone in need. At least, we thought he was in need. Rad Dad ran down the embankment to give him this brown bag of chicken sandwiches and boiled eggs. The man however let Rad Dad know that he doesn’t eat chicken and offered him R4.50 for his trouble. Certainly a first for us. Our offerings being turned down by a homeless man. Welcome Rad Dad to your new town!

You will be pleased to know that Rad Dad has an amazing place to stay and I am very sure that he will be very happy in Hilton. It is definitely his kind of place. Little Miss Molly and I are so sad to not have him around every day anymore but who knows what tomorrow may bring? Right now we are grateful for the memories we have made this weekend.

Love Chez

A good deed never goes unpunished??

Inside, I feel like my stomach is a washing machine, grinding away at a heavy load. My head is pounding and I feel like throwing up. Outside, I look the same as always. Except for the eyes. Today they have lost their sparkle and shine.

Last week, when we foiled an attempt at a break in over the road, I asked our helper if the guy I had cornered was in fact the man that he saw running into the yard. Our helper ducked his head and averted his eyes immediately. I remember a thought running through my head at that time …. I thought, “oh boy, I don’t know why this is wrong but it just feels like a bad thing”

Today our helper came around to tell me that he got beaten up that evening because the guys blamed him for pimping them out. He said that they knew it was him because I had asked him that question. They heard me. 4 guys beat 1 man up. oscar-wilde

There is a very cruel saying doing the circuit these days. No good deed goes unpunished. Unfortunately it seems that this may be true. I wonder when I will stop doing good deeds so that I, and those I care about, don’t get punished anymore. I remember the story in the bible where Jesus said to Peter that he would deny Him 3 times before the rooster crowed. I think I would have denied Him too, if it mean’t that I would not be crucified with Him.

I think Jesus must know how I feel today, I think Peter does too. I don’t know if I could do what Jesus did. Die for doing the right thing, for people who hated Him.

I feel quite emotional knowing that I am to blame for someone else being beaten up. I know we both did the right thing. I suppose that sometimes you get punished even if you are doing the right thing. I wonder if I would do the right thing next time if I was the one that got beaten up this time? I doubt it. I think that is what makes Jesus so special.

Love Chez

My inner heroine

It has been established that Little Miss Molly is not the ideal candidate to have around in a criminal situation. Despite her being a big black dog in South Africa. Today, whilst in hot pursuit of a “skelm” who was trying to break into the complex across the road from my office, she bounded alongside me simply so she could stop and smell all the bushes along the way, contemplate jumping in the pool of the townhouse broken in to and then proceed to jump into the security vehicle and refuse to move because she wanted to go for a drive right at that particular moment.

At no point did she run the “skelm” down and nip his ankles, at no point did she sniff him out of the bush or drag him into the long arms of the law and at no point did she growl, bark or raise her fur in ferocious attack mode. It really was no use asking her to come along to help me catch the guy because the only thing he would have been in danger of was being licked and cuddled.

I realised some things about myself though during this fun morning cardio exercise…

  • I am not as fit as I look
  • I didn’t feel the pain in my feet at all when I was after the guy (I fell OUT of my flip flops whilst walking Little Miss Molly on Saturday morning, scraping off the skin on my feet and banging a hole in my jeans and knee at the same time)
  • I react first and think later – fortunately my boss called the various security people because that was the last thing on my mind – fortunately no one had a weapon either….
  • I enjoyed the thrill of the chase

Maybe all this CSI stuff is perpetuating the belief that inside me is a brave heroine waiting to save the day. All I need is a cape!  Speaking of my inner heroine….images

About a month ago I started Herbalife in order to improve the quality of my health. It is one of the changes I have recently made in order to live a better life. Eating correctly, moving my old body again and trying to make all round healthy choices. I have also signed up and started Financial Freedom University with Ann Wilson. I saved for 3 years to do this! I have weened myself off of the anti-depressants too! Last year was a terribly traumatic year for me and the doctor thankfully gave me something to help me cope. That chapter has now finally come to an end. I have focused on healing this body of mine through living with less, cutting out the stress and by making healthy choices. It is amazing what you can achieve when you consciously start trying to improve your quality of life. It is incredible to see what happens when you stop putting everyone else first and trying to please them by always being “nice”, even to your own detriment. It is good to take care of myself first.An Inner Language

So now, when I see or hear of someone trying to do someone else in, I do not even hesitate. I pursue them in the hope that I can chase them away and save the innocent person from being fleeced. Quite literally I suppose today. I know how hard you have to work in order to own a property. I know the sacrifice it takes to furnish that place and keep it well maintained. I understand the pay offs when treating yourself with something nice. I also know what it is like to have someone waltz in and just take whatever they want from you without permission. That feeling of violation is the worst!

I recently had this in my own life. A “friend” who was happy to take and take and take until I said “enough”.  Then she turned around and got very nasty and personal and left without facing me or settling her debt. I cried a lot because it hurts to have someone betray you. But now, I feel so relieved that she is gone and cannot take from me anymore. Putting boundaries in place when you are a giving person is hard and more often than not you will lose people, and when you do they will try to destroy you as they go.  Even in work situations. Even in family situations. We all have our stories. Photo_Feb_05_6_22_46_PM_1024x1024

My inner heroine is smiling because I can see how much stronger and braver I have become in the last 12 months. Believe me, I have been tested in ALL areas. There is a really weird satisfaction that you begin to feel after a while. When standing up for yourself and your beliefs becomes a more “normal” thing. I am very happy within myself and I feel that by me being 100% myself, I will attract like minded people. Even if losing some others along the way is the price I have to pay.

So…in conclusion

  • I might not be as fit as I should be but I am moving again
  • I didn’t feel the pain of the pursuit because my focus was on the end result and to me this is a huge step in the right direction. I have a vision and a conviction
  • I react first and think later and I embrace this about me, instinctively and subconsciously I am who I am
  • I enjoy the thrill of the chase to live a better quality life

Love Chez

International Dog Day


Today is international dog day and to celebrate, there is an exciting project running in Cape Town called the Woof Project.  Pop up stores (currently there is one at the V&A Waterfront) are scheduled to go up around the city so that you can go down and play with up to 20 puppies at a time, during your lunch break.  All of these puppies are rescue animals and are up for adoption.  Wow!

Soon they will be launching their Mother Ship at @Frits and you can go down between 12:30 and 14:00, Monday to Friday, to get your puppy fix for the day.  I mean what a way to de-stress. Better than a pedi any day if you ask

I don’t work in town anymore but I do have my own little fluffy bum to keep me company.  Check her out in the slideshow below! Molly is not yet totally convinced that she wants to come to work with me everyday but we are taking it one step at a time 🙂 (It clearly has nothing to do with the early morning starts lol)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Love Chez

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