Today is the day!

Final goon trip

Myles and the DogFather have gone on an road trip together today. When I was packing his bag last night, I was wondering what kind of adventures the boys would have today. A bit like a secret seven novel really, investigating and snooping and sniffing and have the best adventure.img_8452

So Myles’ mission for the day was firstly to help the DogFather cope with the driving and keeping him awake. Secondly to help the DogFather eat the biltong and naartjie and then thirdly, to have an epic goon’s day with no mommies to dress him up in clothes and label his food. He is even playing with his half-sister Tango today….!2615209d-2fe7-4a48-bb4e-dc2dcea0f2da-1

But I suspect that I will never know about all of the adventures that they get up to today. What happens on road trip, stays on road trip.img_8450

Love and miss you my boytjie, next week you loose your goons.

Love Chez


My Myles

I love rainy weekends. I’m busy clearing out (trying to anyway…) my desk so I can start my big assignment and I have Myles trying to rearrange the curry I am trying to make. (Family recipe …as perfected by us all!) One pile is basically just moving from one space to another really. Jack is playing. Again. I know. But it goes well with my chocolate and coffee.

As it turns out, Myles can bark and now he barks at me until I eventually give up. If I don’t then he will come and sit on me. Politely, until my mind has changed and suddenly agrees to what he is proposing. He is the Chez whisperer I think. img_8377

Despite his quirks, he has been such a joy in my life. And he has brought a lot of joy to others too. Dogfather is even using him for his Saturday morning classes. Myles makes my heart so proud. Except when he makes me mad. Then all I can do is roll my eyes and look for the nearest exit.img_8341

We went on another road trip last weekend to Pearly Beach and it was so much fun. We even saw the Pearly Gates. (No one home though). Myles seems to have the road trip thing waxed. Once he has calmed down then he is so chilled and has a rest too. Never one to miss out on anything, he hardly slept at all. Flitting from one room to the next to check that everyone is still breathing and no one has decided to have a spontaneous midnight snack without him. Such a caring dog! He even walked about 6km on the beach in one go. He is getting so big. His new favourite toy is his glow in the dark squeak ball.img_8361-1

Wait hang on, I lie….he just ran off with a Checkers packet…

Love Chez

Hoodie revenge!

So the management of this establishment (aka me…) has received some complaints about the lack of blogging lately. I do apologise. The thing is ok….My life isn’t that interesting at all. So there isn’t much to write about. If I have to think about it, in the last month all Myles’ has done is work through my entire shoe and clothing cupboard, learn how to play tricks on me, swim for the first time, meet his sister, discover a hiding place for socks, eat my underwear and new shoes and learn how to trip a dog and pin her underwater.img_8224

See, you not missing much. But I guess a dog owner can also initiate revenge and buy said dog a hoodie. Yes, there you go my hound. The last time he pushed me a bit I told him that he better be careful because I am the one that get’s to chose if he keeps those balls or not. Well that is the message I thought I sent. He got a different message, one that required him to say “challenge accepted my lady.” So now the pushing has intensified and I often wonder to myself if he knows that I will win in the end? So now, I exact my revenge on him, in the hopes that it will make him realise that leaving my clothes alone will result in me not clothing him. I will let you know how that battle goes. The Hoodie of Shame.

It’s like this message could go either way which makes us both happy. Yes we do love each other but for every love bubble there is an equally sized “What on earth was I thinking” bubble. Our home is a battle field. Anyway, I digress.ed66cbd4-54d7-4afd-85cc-ab0a74256e9f

Love Chez

A Modern Family

Last night the girls went out to a dinner and theatre evening and I left Myles on his own for almost 5 hours. I was extremely nervous to say the least. So I left the one door ajar so her could move between his couch and the sofa inside. Well can this proud mommy just brag a bit? Not one thing missing, chewed up, slobbered on or had a potty incident on. Nothing! He was sleeping peacefully when I got back and not even the Persian carpet received any undue attention. I just couldn’t believe it. It was the proudest I have felt in about… a day I guess. The love just deepens.

Meet Markle, Myles lil’ sis. And this is my house mate and friend, Gigi. We are going to be taking these guys for walks everywhere. Watch out Cape Town! The kitty backpack is en-route! This is my Modern Family.

Love Chez


This evening I can’t stop thinking about my aunty Jane. I’m listening to Jack Johnson (again…) and I remember her flying to George in 2010, so that she could drive me up in my little Corsa Lite, all the way to Jozi, and we played Jack on repeat. She laughed every time he sang about how “your shadow walks faster than you” and we would hose ourselves for hours about his lyrics. They always somehow related back to a real life story in our lives. I miss her a lot!

It is crazy to me the things that you remember once someone is gone for good. At the time, it was just a fun adventure and we got along really well. But now, it is a favourite memory etched deep under my skin.

So here is a beautiful sunset and a rooibos tea cheers from me down here to say “hi” up there to you and remember the stunning things we brought into each others lives.

Love Chez


In the wake of the latest Royal nuptials, I have found myself thinking about weddings. I know right?! I still honestly cannot see myself doing the whole white wedding thing, even after all of these years. I mean, you have to stand for ages by the looks of things and what happens if you really need the loo? All too much for my brain to fathom and yet Myles and I stared at that TV and oohed and aahed at all the hats and dresses, whilst munching on a bag of chips and sipping on some Castle Lite. Very classy for a Royal Wedding I know. But we actually enjoyed the experience.Prince-Harry-Meghan-Markle-Wedding-Pictures

The first time I watched a Royal Wedding was with my Ouma in Johannesburg when Princess Diana got hitched. Then again 7 years ago (coincidentally also in Johannesburg) when Kate tied the knot with Prince William. For the latest wedding I was in Rooiels! The change of scenery was very good 🙂

So I think its time for me to start leaving the house and meeting people. The mourning period is over and although I’m not quite ready for a relationship yet, I do think that I’m ready to start enjoying myself. At this rate, there may never be an elopement in my future but to be honest, it is quite ok with me. Myles and I have a perfect little rhythm going and who really wants to mess with that anyway?

Love Chez


Everyday I get to know my little lyfie better. Everyday there is something new to learn. Did you know that my dog can have a bad hair day? He doesn’t want to wake up. He sleeps in the car on the way to work. He sleeps all day and seems completely uninterested in listening or learning with his bestie Keagan. He doesn’t smile. He doesn’t bark. He doesn’t fake cry for attention or jump up? He still guzzles food and punches huge holes through my socks with his teeth but otherwise he is just having a bad hair day. It balances out the crazy quite well. I was rather grateful for that day… 1 day in 3 months..

But the most exciting news ever, my baby found a girlfriend. She is blonde, has 4 legs and a great ass (he is a bum guy…) I loved watching them play until they could no more. What a special little girl. I just have to mention her name and that tail of his wags and his eyes go wild. Its so funny. My lamb.

He has also recently learned how to garden and “sort of” plant things. He loves to go the forbidden route in the beds of plants. Uprooting and nibbling along the way. Just in case he gets lost, then he can follow the bread crumbs back to the house made of sweets.(Truthfully I can only lure him back home with a container full of treats)

He is learning to sniff out things around the place by first sniffing the scent of the thing on my hand. It is rather incredible. We love playing our games together. I want to train him to sniff out all sorts of things when I take him to a new home haha. Which reminds me of a story about my sister that I have never been allowed to tell anyone! So I won’t… Sorry.

Love Chez

Myles’ cave

So batdog found a bat cave. Lab cave. Man cave. They all seem to find one eventually. There is a small dark cellar that is attached to my side of the apartment and it doesn’t have a door. I know it is a man cave because of the types of objects that Myles’ brings out of there. Mostly large screws and rocks.img_7608

He loves to transcend into the dark and cold depths of this place. He obviously can see very well in the dark because I can’t see a damn thing! Off he goes with me stressing about having to retrieve him. But so far so good. He hasn’t required surgery for a broken leg nor have I needed to purchase him a glass eye.e0311c29-0009-4052-8b61-8b244eac15cf-1

He doesn’t stay very long though. He prefers the little pleasures of life like sleeping next to me on the bed, head on his pillow, with me tickling his back and watching Frontier. Not theeeeeee best selection of series to watch before bed. I have often dreamt myself awake with visions of a madman chasing me. I hope I’m more like the redhead. She’s smart. And Irish. And I like red hair.

I digress.

Enjoy your peaceful Mother’s Day weekend as I sit here and fight Myles off of my keyboard because he is trying to eat my naartjie.

Love Chez.

Thank you Martelize for doing these pic’s of Myles for me xxx


I really enjoy Jack Johnson. His music makes me feel like I am on a beach somewhere of medium temperature (hot is just too hot for this aunty). It makes me feel like I am holding onto a pink drink with an umbrella in it and I am laughing. That is the picture that I always get in my head when I listen to his music.

That is what I love about imagination and music. If the song doesn’t take you straight back to a specific moment in time (then the song isn’t your heart song yet), then that is when imagination works so well. I think that if I can imagine it then I can reach it. Isn’t that how any good thing comes about anyway? Through the dream.

Another thing that makes me really happy and smile, is hooves. It keeps Myles busy for hours on end and there is no biting of my hands and feet anymore. What a sweet idea, to sell hooves to the public. Thank you hoof seller!

Now I am really glad I didn’t walk away from his birth home empty handed.

Love Chez

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